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Brain Injuries

Last Updated: Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Law Offices of Allan S. Field has more than a quarter-century's worth of experience representing clients which have been the unfortunate victims of serious trauma inducing events.

Often, neurological injuries are the most challenging because they can manifest themselves in subtle ways and take months or years to develop.

For example a person can receive a concussion from playing a high school football game without being required to wear the proper protective gear (this is an actual case our office was involved with).

In some instances, the changes in the behavior of the individual, which would indicate injury, do no happen immediately. It is necessary to have the correct professional medical diagnosis to properly document and establish a "causal link" between the injury producing event and the changes this brings to the person's everyday life.

Why we're best-qualified to represent you

The Law Offices of Allan S. Field have a long standing working relationship with several neurologists and other specialists to ensure that the victim of a brain injury which has been caused by the negligent, wreck less or intentional conduct of another receives first class care and treatment.

This translates into the maximized settlement for the client and the best opportunity for the best recovery possible.

This scenario is also similar with someone suffering from severe lumbar spinal (back) or cervical spinal (neck) injuries.