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Wrongful Death

Last Updated: Wednesday, July 22, 2015

In the course of human nature, there is nothing more profound or tragic than the end of a life of one we have loved, or a good friend.

Perhaps more tragic and unfortunate is the unexpected loss of a person close to us, due to a catastrophic injury sustained in an accident or event, or due to the negligent / wreckless or intentional / wrongful conduct of another person or company.

The term "wrongful death" is actually an all encompassing concept that includes any of the above type of loss.

Wrongful death is actually a sub-specialty within the field of Personal Injury Law.

The Law Offices of Allan S. Field has handled many such cases and claims over the years and received a number of settlements for the surviving family members, spouses and children who have suffered such a loss.

Our offices have settled many of these claims for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

These claims are often settled, whether in or out of court, in "sealed agreements" where a condition of settlement prevents us from disclosing the names of the clients or the amounts received.

The Law Offices of Allan S. Field has settled claims involving shooting deaths, automobile accidents and recreational vehicle accidents, just to name a few.

We employee a team of experts who are able to establish the value of the wrongful death victim to those he or she has left behind and to the society of which the victim is no longer a part of.

No amount of money can replace the loss of a life.

With the years of experience we bring to you, The Law Offices of Allan S. Field have, for years, been able to ensure our clients we will develop and resolve these claims with the professionalism, expertise, knowledge and confidence that comes from handling such cases in a variety of settings.