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Product Liability

Last Updated: Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A product liability claim is a personal injury claim in which a defective product was the cause of your injury. Many people mistake a product liability claim for one in which they simply have purchased a defective product.

That is a consumer warranty type of claim but it is not a product liability claim if there were no injuries sustained.

The law requires that a product which is designed, manufactured, and ultimately sold to a consumer, be safe for that consumer when used in the manner which it was designed to be used.

The type of product covered under this law can be anything from an automobile to a toaster to a defective food item that causes you to be sick when you eat it.

What Do I Do If I Have A Product Liability Claim?

If you suffer injuries from a product, it is important to retain the item. In any type of product liability claim, it is important that the item be saved to assist in making the claim against the manufacturer.

This means, for example, if you bite into a candy bar and find a worm in it, you must preserve the uneaten portion of the candy bar by freezing it.

In all cases where possible, locate the receipt for the item and any other information identifying the place where it was manufactured and purchased, such as the carton or wrapper the item came in.

Again, prior to contacting the manufacturer or place where the item was purchased, it is best to contact The Law Offices of Allan S. Field for assistance in making your claim.