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Cell Phone Explosions

Last Updated: Monday, October 24, 2016

You never know when you may need the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney, one who knows how to fight for your rights when you are injured.

One minute you are on top of your game, and the next minute, the rug is pulled out from under you. You are the top salesman in your company, you are in the best physical shape of your life, and you have it all.

In your pursuit of being on the cutting edge, you were so excited when you purchased your new cell phone. You are on your way to Dallas for a meeting with one of your new clients. If you land this account, it will be a great asset to the company.

You have been talking on the phone all morning with fellow employees making sure that every detail is covered.

While sitting in the airport lounge waiting for your plane, you start to feel heat coming from your inside jacket pocket where you keep your phone. Suddenly, the phone explodes and catches fire causing severe burns to your chest and hands as you attempt to put out the flames.

The EMTs rush in and administer first aid. You are then transported by ambulance to the local hospital where you are treated for your injuries. You are diagnosed with second- and third-degree burns to your chest and hands. The extent of the burns is so severe, it will take months of plastic surgery and rehab to recover.

As a result of the incident, you miss your plane and the opportunity of a lifetime. The competitor got the account and you are left with severe scar tissue on 20 percent of your chest and 50 percent on your hands. Now what?

Burns create an emotional as well as physical scaring. The pain of skin grafts and the pulling of dead tissue from your body is excruciating. You undergo months of plastic surgery to recover some semblance of your former physic. You are depressed and wonder how any of this could have happened.

Recently, a new product liability issue has come to the attention of the public. A brand of cell phones has exploding batteries, which, if on the person when they start to burn, can cause serious injury to the person holding or wearing the phone.

Holding the phone to your ear when the batteries explode can cause serve burns to the face and even still damage to the person's hearing. To what extent this defective product can cause harm to a person depends on the type of explosion.

The implications of passengers on planes having defective cell phones that have the potential for exploding and causing a fire on board is so great that airlines are banning the carrying of such devised on board planes.

Defective products can cause lifelong injury to users who are using the devise in the manner in which it was intended. Today, your cell phone is the life blood of many companies. Without communication, you are losing revenue and cannot compete with your competitors.

With the onset of safety concerns, Samsung, safety regulators officially recalled about 1 million Galaxy Note 7 phones. It was found that 97 percent of the Galaxy Note 7 phones sold in the U.S. should qualify for refund or replacement.

In the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones purchased between August 2016 and September 15, 2016, the lithium-ion batteries from a certain supplier can overheat and catch fire. According to the Consumer Protection Agency, Samsung has received 92 reports of the batteries overheating in the U.S., including 26 reports of burns and 55 reports of property damage, including fires in cars and a garage.

Don't be a victim. Reaching the right product liability and personal injury attorney like the Law Offices of Allan S. Field is critical you receiving just compensation for your personal injuries, your loss of wages, and the pain and suffering you endured at the expense of a company's defective product.