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Medical Malpractice

Last Updated: Saturday, November 5, 2016

You have gone to your San Diego primary doctor for 20 years. He has assisted with the birth of your children, attended to your ailments, administered vaccinations, and given colds and flu advice for years. Your San Diego physician has seen your family through medical emergencies, medical conditions, and illness.

When your daughter came down with an upper respiratory infection, your primary San Diego physician was on vacation and a substitute physician was called to look after her. Your daughter was diagnosed with the flu and sent home on bed rest and to drink lots of fluids. No medication was administered.

Two days later, her breathing became shallow and her temperature spiked. She is rushed to the emergency room via ambulance because her vital signs were weakening. In the San Diego ER room, your daughter goes into cardiac arrest. She is revived by the attending physician and goes into a coma where she remained in an unresponsive state to stimuli. She is given round-the-clock medical care in the intensive care unit of the hospital.

The parents are growing more concerned as the days go on. They have been by her side day and night. Both have lost time from work and their other children have not had the attention they require from their parents. Family members and friends are helping out, but their daughter's condition does not appear to be improving and there is no answer as to when she will recover.

Two weeks later, your primary San Diego physician returns from vacation and visits your daughter in the hospital. He is concerned because the diagnosis the substitute doctor had given his regular patient was wrong and had resulted in the current condition from which his young patient was now suffering. This was clearly a medical malpractice situation, but to what extent?

The San Diego substitute doctor had not ordered any blood or other tests that would have alerted the San Diego medical practitioner that the young patient's condition was far worse than the flu. His schedule had been hectic because he was covering for two other physicians on vacation in addition to his own patients. With prompt and proper treatment, the young patient might not have been in a coma now.

The parents are grief-stricken; they agonize over what they could have done differently. After a month, the medical bills begin to roll in. The medical expenses are staggering and the parents are not sure if their insurance will cover all of the costs. They have lost time from work. The pain and suffering they are experiencing is growing each day.

Now what?

Consulting the expertise of an experienced personal injury attorney can minimize the concerns of the parents. An experienced personal injury attorney can also advise them of their legal rights concerning the medical treatment that was administered to their daughter.

Furthermore, an experienced personal injury attorney can provide the legal advice as to how to proceed in filing a medical malpractice claim and the ramifications of such a filing. An experienced personal injury attorney will advise that this type of lawsuit could take years and cost a lot of money.

The expertise of a San Diego personal injury attorney like the Law Offices of Allan S. Field can guide you through the complicated maze of a medical malpractice suit. An experienced personal injury attorney can possibly settle your suit for a compensatory award or take your case to trial. There would be much discovery and testimony to be gathered in preparation for settlement or trial.

Call the Law offices of a San Diego personal injury attorney Allan S. Field today for your consultation and review of your case and what are your legal rights.