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Call 24/7 For A Free Consultation: 619-236-8200
No Fee If You Don't Get Paid. Guaranteed.

We Don't Get Paid If You Don't

Last Updated: Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sure, our policy stipulates that you will never pay anything if you don't receive a monetary award. If you don't win your case, we don't collect a single penny. That's our solemn promise and it will be in writing at the time our relationship begins. So you can be certain that if we take on your case, we'll be confident it has merit.

In an ongoing effort to ensure the happiness of every one of our clients, we are always willing to discuss with you reduction of your contingency fees after a verdict or settlement has been reached. The reason why is simple. Former personal injury clients are, and always have been, our greatest source of advertising. If you are satisfied, we know you will refer us to friends, colleagues, and family members who have been injured.

No Fee If No Recovery

That's a common, if not entirely overused, expression in the arena of personal injury law. And it sounds harmless enough. The truth is that most firms, especially the larger ones, you know, the ones with the high-rent, luxury office buildings overlooking the San Diego Bay, ultimately will take an enormous percentage out of your settlement.

The customary fee that most firms charge ranges anywhere from one-third all the way up to 40 percent. Once you have received your award, we will examine the costs advanced by our firm (such as expert witness fees and medical care) and the total amount of your award. The Law Offices of Allan S. Field will then sit down with you at the conclusion of your claim and negotiate the lowest possible fee for you. We want to make sure you leave our San Diego firm's care feeling totally satisfied with the results.

We Want You To Heal Physically and Financially

After an accident has taken place, the most important thing, naturally, is your full recovery from all physical injuries. Our office will work tirelessly to ensure that happens. To do so, we will first refer you to the most competent and prestigious medical specialists. The medical care you receive will be the best and most specialized available for your injuries and type of claim.

The reports generated by our health care professionals will paint the most exact portrait of your injuries. Additionally, we'll be able to convey to the insurance representative for the at-fault party how your life has been adversely affected, as well as long-term disabilities or limitations your injuries might cause in the future. Putting this information together is crucial for the insurance companies to evaluate your claim for maximum value.

Getting You Paid Fast Is Our Top Priority

In most cases, you don't need health insurance to receive the best medical care as quickly as possible. The physicians and rehabilitation and health care specialists in our network will be paid out of your award. More importantly, we'll have your settlement package prepared and submitted to the at-fault party's insurance company upon conclusion of your care.

There will be no delays and no excuses. Our staff doesn't tolerate excuses or unnecessary delays from insurance companies. We will aggressively fight for the absolute maximum possible settlement as soon as the insurance carrier has had a chance to digest our information. The tenets of our practice are that every client receives fast, aggressive, and professional attention from Day One until you receive your settlement check.

Why Use Our Firm?

By now, we hope it's become abundantly clear that the hallmark of our practice is personalized service. It's amazing how many San Diego-area residents come to our office after they've had a disappointing experience with an attorney at big firm. Those big-firm lawyers are invariably eager to sign up new clients. But once the paperwork has been inked, they are nowhere to be found when that client has a question or concern.

No return telephone calls, no letters, no e-mails, no updates. No contact at all. That's no way to treat a client, and it is not representative of the way we treat our clients at The Law Offices of Allan S. Field. We personally assure our clients that when they call to speak with Mr. Field, he is the one who will answer the telephone. Any time of the day, any day of the week.

You'll Never Be Passed Off

When you call our office, you'll never be put on the telephone with a paralegal, secretary, or administrative assistant who doesn't know you, and who has to frantically search a database to pretend your case was just on their desk. Our legal support staff plays an integral role in your claim. It's our belief that you retained an expert lawyer and that's the person with whom you will speak every time you call.

Mr. Field will have personal, updated knowledge of your claim around the clock. There is no substitute for personal service, and that's something you will receive during every interaction you have with our firm. You'll feel your case is important to us because it is. We value the trust you place in us and will always strive to repay it with committed, dedicated representation.

We'll Provide Honest Feedback

We can't think of one client, out of the hundreds and hundreds we have represented, who has not asked us to estimate the value of their case at the time they retain our services. It's unethical for any attorney to guarantee his client a certain settlement amount. Or any settlement at all.

There are few, if any, types of personal injury cases that our office has not handled, with almost every imaginable fact pattern. We'll almost always be able to tell you a range for which other similar cases have settled. That ballpark will be open and honest, even if sometimes it's lower than you expected. That's because we don't believe in telling you anything you want to hear to sign you up only to face disappointment later. We can never know an exact figure until the actual resolution of a claim.

Here Is What I Can Tell You

As the tagline atop every page of our website says, our office has proudly represented San Diego residents for more than two decades. And in all of that time, we have exclusively represented thousands upon thousands of accident victims. Therefore, we know what a claim is worth.

More importantly, the insurance companies we do battle with on a continual basis know that we know. They will not play games with our office as they might with another less-experienced firm. Over the years, we have developed a working relationship with most of the insurance and claims adjusters. What this means for you is that they wont try to pull one over on us, and that you will receive the maximum possible settlement every time. That is our promise.