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What To Know About Hiring A San Diego Auto Accident Attorney

Last Updated: Tuesday, December 13, 2016

It’s the holidays and everyone is in a hurry. You are driving your SUV with a handicap plate on La Mesa Blvd heading toward Grossmont Center in La Mesa a suburb of San Diego, California.

You have the green light as you enter the intersection of La Mesa Blvd and Grossmont Blvd next to the Penske Ford car dealership.

Suddenly, a blue Honda Civic come out of nowhere and T-bones your vehicle causing your vehicle to spin several times around landing on the grassy lawn of an office complex frontage area and driving over a sign post now on the ground under your car.

Your car alarm activates. The lights are blinking. You are unconscious having hit your head against the steering wheel. The airbags do no deploy. There is serious damage to your vehicle. The impact of the hit jams the driver’s side door.

A witness to the accident rushes over and tries to get you out of the car. He bangs repeatedly to break the glass without any success.

The blue Honda Civic that hit your vehicle is stranded in the middle of the street on La Mesa Blvd blocking any traffic from proceeding onto Grossmont Center.

Soon the ambulances, police and fire truck arrive to assess the injuries and take a report of the accident. You are now awake but dazed. You have been carefully taken from your vehicle and are sitting on the bus stop bench on La Mesa Blvd. The police are asking questions of you. All you hear is noise and cannot focus on answering.

The fire trucks have provided a barrier and are directing traffic away from the accident scene and onto Grossmont Blvd heading to the on ramp of 94 W.

The paramedics access your vitals and place you on a gurney to transport you to Sharp Grossmont Hospital just a couple of blocks away.

At the emergency room, the ER physician on duty checks your vitals to assess the extent of your injuries. After several hours of X-rays and tests, you learn you sustained a fractured neck and internal bleeding of the brain. Treatment will require immediate surgery and months of physical therapy.

You have limited funds as a retired senior on disability.

You are scared and wonder if you will survive this trauma. You ask to contact your family. The surgeon comes into the ER to explain what the operation will entail. Your anxiety increases. Without your family, you become concerned you will never see them again.

Finally, your daughter and son-in-law arrive asking a million questions. You are overwhelmed. They speak to the doctor and are alarmed as to the extent of the injuries. How are you going to get to the treatments if your vehicle is damaged from the accident?

Now what? The cost of such an extensive and complex operation and treatment will range in the thousands of dollars. Money you do not have. Will your insurance cover it?

Consulting an experienced personal injury attorney will provide you with the answers to your questions. The Law Offices of Allan S. Field can provide the competent personal injury legal representation you need in an automobile accident. Allan S. Field is a practicing San Diego attorney, one who has years of experience and knows the city well. Attorney Field can provide you with the piece of mind that your rights will be asserted and provide you with the compensation required.